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by jessica

i have noooooooo idea what we are doing! hes in the marines, we've been engaged for a year. we were planning a wedding but he got deployed to iraq in february and when he comes home he just wants to go to the justice of peace bc its free and easy but i already have a big expensive wedding dress and of course money is tight and i want to be able to walk down the isle at a pretty place, only a few people will be there and i just have no idea where to start or what to do!!!


Hi Jessica
First you need to get a date set, if you have a time when he is coming home then use that as your starting point, but don't panic if you don't have a confirmed date when he will be home you can still do your research.

Find out all the places that you can get married within your town and disregard all of the ones that are too expensive. If you look at having your wedding during the week rather than at the weekend it will cost you less.

As your numbers are small you could have your reception at a local restaurant or increasingly popular are weddings in the local park or your back yard. If your dress is big and expensive the restaurant would probably be the best option. A number of good restaurants are closed during the day and you could end up with the whole place to yourselves, they will just want you out before the evening guests arrive!

When you have your shortlist of possible venues talk to your fiance about where you would like to get married and the costs, I am sure when he understands how important it is to you he will agree.

Good luck with your plans and if you need any more help let me know.


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