Help I can't find a priest in Chicago?

by susan garza
(chicago )

Ok so me and my partner decided to tie the knot with a very tight budget. I only expect about 25-55 guest. We tried to set up dates and all the churches say we need at least 6 months notice and I am kind of out of options. We were planning in late june or early July. That only gives us less then 3 months!

Hi Susan

Sounds like a nightmare for you! If you are set on having your wedding in June/July this year and you can't get an appointment in a church to see anyone you will need to think of alternatives.

- Find an officiant that can marry you.

- Court House Wedding.

- Extend your geographic area where they may be a chuch that can have your wedding.

I am also going to post this on the site and hope that someone can come to your help.

So, calling all churches, officiants and brides within the Chicago area - Can you help please?!

Thank you


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