How can i decorate the wedding reception hall without spending a lot?


I'm planning to get married in the month of November and we are on really tight budget. Please give some guidelines as to how can we decorate our hall without spending much. Also if possible please let me know ideas if we have to decorate the hall with our friends and family. Your advice is really valuable. Our wedding theme is white and Grey. What flowers can we use to decorate our hall.

Hi India

It's difficult to give you exact ideas for decorating your venue without seeing it but in general terms you should be able to create a beautiful room without spending a fortune.

Start by looking at the room as a whole and think about any areas that you want to hide. It could be an ugly wall or windows. Just make sure you don't cover any exits or signage!

You don't have to decorate the hall with your friends and family but I have always found that it helps to have more help than none at all.

It really depends on how much time you have to decorate the hall. If you get access to the room the night before then that will mean you will need to work through the night to get everything looking lovely. Quite often if you want your venue more than the night before you will have to pay for an additional day's room hire as the venue won't be able to hire out the space.

Getting to your color scheme of grey and white!

Cheap options for decorations would be;

White tulle
Fairy lights - white
White paper lanterns
Bunting made from paper doillies

For the flowers you could use tin cans (for the grey) filled with white flowers. Carnations are cheap all year round and they are easy to use, plus they are fairly hardy! If the tin cans don't appeal look at glass jars with a grey ribbon tied around.

I would only look at decorating the tables with your flowers rather than trying to decorate the whole room as this will cost a lot.

Use the other decoration options which do look fantastic to decorate the room.

Best wishes


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