How can I decorate to have a "rich-elegant-sophisticated-romantic wedding at a campground?

by Celine
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

I'm having a camping wedding because we both LOVE camping even my daughter and I thought I could find an inexpensive, very simple wedding dress to fit the outdoor venue, but I'm a size 20 and simple wedding dress makes me look fatter or pregnant, so I purchase a very elegant, full of crystals, big long train wedding dress and I'm afraid I'll be over dressed if I don't decorate properly.

Also, our wedding is a cake & champagne wedding, so no food, no table (other than the cake & champagne table and the table where we'll sing our life aways!!! How can I decorate to have a "rich-elegant-sophisticated-romantic wedding at a campground?

The campground itself is very nice and they have an empty field with a big rock, that's where will do the ceremony and the backdrop is the tones of big trees... I'm getting married in 4 months.

Hi Celine

It sounds like you won't need much in the way of decorations with all of the natural beauty around you.

However, you could think about adding extra sparkle with paper lanterns and fairy lights, use the lights to decorate the area where you are getting married and have the paper lanterns in the trees.

Good luck with all of your plans.


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