How can i feed 200 people for under a couple hundred dollars?

I am getting married june 5 2010. I have just started planning it so there isn't too much details yet. We made a guest list and its around 200 maybe more and we are having trouble figuring out how to feed that many without breaking ourselves.

200 people for under $200 is a hard task as you are looking at spending less than $1 a head.

For that money you are looking at an afternoon reception with tea and cakes or drinks and nibbles. Have a look at our cheap wedding reception menu ideas to get some ideas.

If you have a lot of creative cooks amongst your family and friends then you could have soup and crusty bread as your meal. If you have vegetarian soups this will keep the costs down.

Another idea is to have a pot luck reception, where instead of gifts you ask your guests to bring a dish for the meal.

It would be worth having another look at your guest list, 200 people is a large amount of guests for any type of budget wedding.

However, your guests are not coming for the food, they are coming to celebrate the start of your new lives together. Worth asking your friends and family for any help they can give towards the food and it will be fine.

Friends and family are always a great help when it comes to planning a cheap wedding, it is amazing how creative everyone is when they need to be.

Good luck with your plans


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Oct 24, 2009
by: Mai

Hey congrats on your marriage! Its cool to find other people who are getting married in the same month as me and my fiance too. You're getting married on june 5, 2010.. and i'm getting married on the 12th of june 2010... only a couple days after.. I hope you're having fun planning your wedding.

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