How can I pull this off! HELP

by Leanne
(Silverdale, WA)

My fiancee and I are childhood sweethearts, our families are close and we all get along really well. He is in the US Navy and we decided to elope and marry soon because of deployment issues. We told the family, barely two weeks before! And now both our parents and grandparents and some siblings insist on showing up. we have no place, no minister because we plan on going to the court house, they said they didn't care,and plan on coming anyways to have a nice after dinner or something. We now need to organize a little after dinner reception for the family, CHEAP. We just moved and don't even have a bed, so we mean really really cheap. Like make it ourselves kinda cheep. hehe. So do you have any ideas for a dinner? I know a resturant will be on the family, but we want to bring favors or something to decorate up the reception. or keepsakes or something. thank you for your expertise and time!!!!

Hi Leanne

What a great romantic story! Sounds like you will have the perfect wedding day.

Favors that you can make yourselves would easily be the edible kind! Take a look at my chocolate favor recipe, it really couldn't be any easier - and you don't need much space to prepare them. Put them in little paper bags with a thank you note would keep it very personal. Other ideas would be to make bags of cookies or even a little plant to remember the day.

It sounds like your families really want to be involved in your wedding so why not ask them for help decorating your wedding table? If you are celebrating in a local restaurant or cafe you could take in your own flower display for the center or balloons are a quick way to add a party atmosphere.

Have a great day, would love to see a photo when you get a chance.

All the best.

Suz x

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