How do I come up with a cheap wedding reception and still have the special dances?

by Laura

I want my wedding to be simple but not too casual like a cookout. I want to be in a hall that will allow me to have music played. I chose a DJ but my church hall will not allow me to have the DJ. Help, I need ideas.
My wedding is August 7, 2008.
I hope you can help.


Hi Laura,

Have you asked your church hall why they won't allow a DJ? It might be down to something as simple as lateness or volume of music - both of which you can monitor.

Will they allow you to have music at all?

Other music ideas are bands - have a look at local bands, you normally can get to hear them in local bars and clubs and probably won't charge as much as you think they will.

I went to a wedding recently that had a male solo singer and guitar player, he was backed by CDs and although it sounds tacky it worked really well. The groom had heard him working at his local pub.

Another cheap idea is to use an MP3 player, load it up with all of your favourite music and use it to play at your wedding reception. This is a very cheap way to have music and works well if you can borrow a good speaker system.

The other alternative is to change your venue - have a look at all venues locally, a growing trend is a cocktail and canapes reception in a club. This won't cost as much as a sit down reception and if you held your reception in the early evening in a club you have the added advantage of them already having the music system and dancefloor.

Good luck finding your cheap wedding reception!


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