How do I get started to plan a wedding?

by Deb Pruitt
(Little Rock Ar.)

Jeff and Trish

Jeff and Trish

I'm not sure what I need. The wedding is for my brother and his girlfriend. Both 47, 2nd marriage. Maybe 50 guest. I have no theme. I have no colors, yet. It's being held in my Modular home, country setting, but in doors. No flower girl or ring bearer. Preacher, and family, only. Simple but down home feeling. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Limited budget.
Thank you so very much!

Hi Deb

The first thing you need to do is to have a date, you will need to book the preacher and as the venue is your own home you won't need to book that!

A wedding doesn't have to have a theme, but you may want to have a chat with Trish and Jeff as to colors or flowers that they may want at the wedding.

To save money on catering think about having the wedding in the afternoon and then you can serve an afternoon tea and wedding cake.

Next, you will need to invite the guests, take a look at the cheap invitation ideas here.

For catering you can look to have the afternoon tea idea as mentioned or as you are at home why not have your guests bring a dish and have a pot luck reception. You mentioned it was to be indoors but could you have a barbeque in the back yard for an even more relaxed atmosphere?

Keeping the theme simple will keep the costs down and make it a lovely relaxed and intimate wedding.

Good luck with your plans


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