How do I make my wedding flow and what do I do about seating?

by Meg
( NH)

My wedding is in September. I am having an outdoor wedding. I have 160 people coming 35 of which are kids. I am having a 20x40 tent as well as a 10x20 tent for kids and some indoor space. I only have 75 chairs total. I was going to set some up at ceremony for the elderly and have the rest of the guests use blankets. Our band is going to start right after the ceremony and I'm setting food up in different areas to make my wedding more cocktailish and so hopefully there will be more mingling and if it is nice out (fingers crossed) then people can sit on blankets. I just don't know if it will flow or how to tell guests the seats are for the elderly. Any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated!! Thank YOu!!

Hi Meg

It does sound like it will work and I don't think you will need to make it obvious that the seating is for those that need it.

Looking at your numbers there will be 50 people not including the children that won't have a seat.

Some thougts to make the day a bit easier and less stressful.

Don't put any seating in the children's tent.

The amount of blankets you will possibly need could end up expensive, ask your guests to bring their own picnic blanket.

Also ask if they can bring their own camping chairs if they have them. I am sure noone would mind, but if you are worried about asking you may want to say it is to get a good seat to watch the band, or the stars!

Also have a look around and see what else you have that you could use as seating.

You also say there is some inside space, I don't know if this is a house but is there any seating in there? If there is you could have that as a quiet area for your older relatives to sit comfortably and chat.

I wouldn't worry too much about the seating as there will be people up and dancing and also chatting, mingling, eating and drinking.

You will have a great time!

Best wishes


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