How do I make my wedding reception look elegant without spending close to a thousand on table and chair linen?

by Mai
(Oroville, CA, USA)

My Fiance and i are planning to do our wedding on June 12, 2010 and we're planning to budget $10,000 only for the wedding. we don't want to spend too much. Just enough to make the wedding cheap but elegant so that we can save money too. I'm having problems about the reception especially because the only thing that will make everything stand out is the table and chair linen. I want to rent it and not buy it so that i can save money on that but i don't want just plain white linen. i want to look for color table and chair linens that will go with the color of my wedding. I'm looking for plum or dark royal purple or any color shades of purple but i would like to get dark colors. I want to try something new and different from every other bride. White is fine as long as you can give me tips about how to make it look elegant with decorations that i can use. Please help me out here. I don't know what to do about this.

Hi Mai

Start with the white tale linen as this will be cheapest and then use your colors as accents. You don't want the room too dark otherwise you will end up spending a fortune on lighting the venue.

Plum and dark royal purple are stunning rich colors and to save money it will be a good idea to have a stunning piece on each table that makes your guests go wow! A great Roman or Medieval banquet comes to mind when I think of these colors!

Vintage glass in these colors that you can pick up cheaply from a goodwill store would look great, use these to create simple floral displays. Don't worry that the glass doesn't match - this will add to the charm - each table will have their own unique display and the room as a whole will look stunning.

Gold works well with these regal colors and there will be lots of gold decorations in the Christmas sales - but don't go mad!

Colored ribbons tied around your favors will also add to the overall look.

And don't forget the wine and the grapes for the overall Roman banquet look!

Good luck with your plans


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