How do I plan a wedding that fits our two very different styles?

by Amber Richards
(Kennewick, WA, USA)

I am getting married late July 2010. And my fiance and I are having a problem with our theme for the wedding. I want something different but with all the fun traditions like a reception, bouquet/garter toss, and what not. I'm having a big problem trying to come up with things that fit me and my fiance and not things just to please my family...

My personal style is very hippie; I wear a lot of peace signs and things like that. I believe in freedom and peace and mostly love. I am not a druggie, however, but I do have very big feelings that "match" the hippie/flower child era.

My fiance is the complete opposite! He is a mixture of a punk kid and a goth. He loves the color black and bands like Marilyn Manson and NOFX. He is also in the army, which goes against my peace loving nature, but somehow we love each other more than anything.

For our wedding, we wanted an inside ceremony that is in the same room as the reception with the tables set up around the isle. So it's more of a dinner party type feel. Our guests will be seated at the tables while we do our vows. We picked a nice ballroom type venue with mirrors on all the walls with a dark marble cut out on one wall where we will do our vows. The floor is black and white tile, very "ballroom"

As for clothes, I am going to wear an ivory gown (white doesn't fit my skin tone) and he would like an all black tux (black shirt, black jacket, black vest and ties, ect) which to me is very Johnny Cash :) The groomsmen will be in the same tux as him but with horizon blue vests and ties. My bridesmaids in the same color but with different styled dresses.

What I was hoping for was some advice on how to cheaply incorporate our two different styles and not be offensive to my family.

Can you help???


Hi Amber

It sounds like your wedding plans are going well and don't panic not every wedding has to have a theme. A classic wedding reception in your beautiful ballroom will not need much to enhance and decorate it.

Your hippy style can be incorporated by using natural decorations; flowers and leaves would look beautiful against the dark backdrop. Keep the arrangements simple and relaxed by using vintage glass from thrift stores and family members. Scatter petals on the tables and light the room by candlelight using candleabras for a gothic twist. Ask your venue if they have these - it is quite likely as this is a ballroom.

Use the black and white of the ballroom as your color theme for your wedding invitations, this is both classic and also slightly gothic but have the designs of nature; flowers, birds, trees etc. You could also have the horizon blue included in the design if this is within your budget.

The black and white theme with hints of your blue can then be used for favors and any other decorations.

A nice way of showing your two very different styles is to have old photographs of the two of you framed on a wall display, from early years to today. If you can add photographs of your guests as well it shows how they have also been an important part of your lives.

Hope that helps!
Good luck with all your plans


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