How do i plan my own wedding for less than 1000? we are on a very tight buget.

by andrea harris
(decatur,ga 30035)

My wedding is taken place on july 5, 2008. my wedding colors are silver, burgandy, and white. I am thinking about having four bridesmaids/groomsmen, my reception will be held at my grandmothers house in stone mountian,ga. We haven't bought anything for the wedding yet. My mother gave me her unity candle holders and her cake knife set, which is from her previous marriage.


Hi Andrea
When you are dealing with a budget of 1000 or less you need to think about what is important to you for your wedding and then how you can fit it in.

You have already started your wedding planning really well by organising your reception venue this is a great saving for your wedding.

You will need to think about your wedding dress, is there a classic family wedding gown that you could have altered and made up to date? It adds to your wedding story if you can say you were married in your grandma's wedding gown.

Four bridesmaids/ groomsmen is quite a lot when you are keeping an eye on costs. Groomsmen can wear their own suits for a wedding and then you could provide a shirt and a white/burgundy/ silver tie so that they all match if you want. Bridesmaid dresses can be found in department stores, have a look at prom dresses rather than in the wedding department. You could buy simple white dresses and then add a silver or burgundy sash to the dress to bring in your colors.

The next big expense will be the food and entertainment.

Keep the food simple; a buffet with salads and cold meats or a fun bbq or picnic. Cake and Champagne receptions are gaining in popularity if you have an afternoon reception or a Cocktails and Canapes reception if it is in the evening (this can be time consuming in set up). Use your wedding cake as dessert to save money, no-one will notice.

Ask around for help with your wedding cake, do you know anyone who is good at baking? This could be their wedding gift to you.

Entertainment is one of those things that everyone will remember! See if you can find a local band or group that will be willing to perform at your wedding for the exposure rather than the money! Local colleges and bars are good for finding these.

It always helps to have lots of friends and family involved as they may be able to lend something for the wedding or know someone who can help with discounts.

Good luck with your plans


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Apr 04, 2008
I am also planning to have a small wedding
by: Anonymous

I am to planning a small wedding and people are continue to tell me that I need $4,000 dollars but we do not have this kind of money. Is there anything idea that you can offer me to make my day special. I plan on having my wedding in a hall and the reception is the same place so I will only have to decoration one place this is keep down my cost.

Your day will be special whatever the cost of the wedding, keep that in mind when people are saying you have to spend more than you want to.

If you keep your ideas simple and elegant you will have a classy wedding reception, I think having your reception at the same place as your ceremony is a great idea. My wedding was all at the same place, it saves on transport costs and guests getting lost as well!

If you are looking for a wow factor that won't cost a fortune I think sky lanterns are a great idea, have a look at my article on sky lanterns here!

Best of luck

Suz x

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