How to find a good price and size venue for a Clearwater, Fl beach wedding (80)?

by Dia
(Lakeland, FL)

My boyfriend and I have a budget of 10,000 dollars for a beach wedding. We want this wedding to be elegant. We have 8 bridesmaids and groom mens. The number of guests we have at this moment is 80, no more then 100. We live in Lakeland, FL, the wedding will be located in Clearwater, FL because of the memories. Some hotels near by is very expensive for a receptions. Also, I don't know Clearwater very well, so I don't know any halls. Really having a hard time finding a reasonable venue and menu. The colors of our wedding are the following: Lime Green, Ivory, and Aqua. We do have some help, we have some friends to help with photos, invitations, wedding favors, make up, and hair. We really need help with food and the venue.

Hi Dia,

Congratulations on your engagement and also well done on your wedding plans so far, it sounds like you have lots planned already!

In looking for a reasonably priced venue for your wedding in Clearwater, FL I came across this list of venues which has quite a choice.

The cheaper venues seem to be restaurants rather than the bigger hotel wedding venues. Also art centers would be worth looking at.

Have you thought about renting a villa on the beach? One that would have enough outside space for your guests! That way you could have caterers for the food and drink or call in all your friends and family for a more informal wedding.

Have fun with your plans!


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