How to organise a wedding quickly?

by Dave
(Naperville, Illinois, USA)

Originally me and my fiance' had over a year to plan our wedding and a decent budget to work with due to her parents. We just recently found out she is pregnant and her parents took matters into their own hands. Now everything is being cut cost wise as they want to give as much money to the newborn as possible. We are no longer allowed to have a chapel, and our guest list got sliced in half. No longer is my girl allowed to get a nice wedding dress but is being forced to get a normal white dress. Basically, the magic and romance of it all is being diminished due to money issues. We'd rather wait until after the child, but they don't want to hear us. We now have four months to plan something nice. I don't want to lose any of the magic of the evening as this is my fiance's dream. Her parent's opinion: "suck it up, you're pregnant". I believe that we can still harness a traditional wedding with perks for a reasonable cost. I've been looking online for ideas for a budget as well as how to handle the situation. Obviously, I don't know what to do considering I'm writing this. Please help.


Hi Dave
Firstly, congratulations, you have some exciting times ahead!

I can understand your concerns but also can see your fiancee's parents thoughts on wanting to help their grandchild. Babies can be expensive, and they are wanting to use their money where they think it will be best.

With regards to your wedding it will be a special, memorable day, you are marrying the person that you love and weddings don't have to be expensive.

As time is important with your wedding plans you need to sit down with your fiancee's parents and work out your wedding budget. Find out how much they are wanting to contribute.

You can either use this amount for your wedding budget or add to it yourselves. Prioritise what is important to you. What do you both really want at your wedding, is it the wedding dress, lots of guests or great entertainment?

For cheap wedding dress ideas have a look at my wedding dress section, there are ways to get your dream wedding dress without it costing you a fortune. Also have a look at hiring or borrowing the dress

Keep your wedding elegant and simple, cut out the costs that are just extras - favors, menus, reply cards.

Choose the cheaper food options, no one will remember what they ate as long as it is nice. Your biggest cost will be your reception and the only real way to reduce this cost is to reduce the numbers or be creative with what you have.

To keep your costs down further ask around for as much help as you can get. Do you know someone who is great at baking - ask them to make your wedding cake as their wedding present to you. Are their lots of crafty people in your families? Ask them to help with invites, flowers and decor.

Borrow as much as possible, you will be amazed at the amount of wedding stuff people keep but never use again. Tiaras, veils, silk flowers, cake toppers, dresses. Everyone loves to help with weddings!

Good luck with your plans!


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Jan 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

I am doing things myself which i'm confident in doing - as well as a great way of cutting costs down it's making it extra special for me knowing that i've contributed to the day myself. It's not about the money it's about the day and as long as the groom and guests and myself have a really nice relaxing day i'm happy.

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