How to plan a wedding for a $1000

by christina
(new orleans)

I want a nice wedding but I only can afford about $1000 how can I make this happen?

Hi Christina

With a $1000 budget you will need to be creative, and call in as much help as possible.

Find a free venue - park, beach, backyard, church hall.

Allocate your budget to what is important to you.

Make your own invitations, flowers, decorations.

Ask for help with the wedding cake, or have a store bought cake and decorate it yourself, we did this and it worked really well.

Look at borrowing your dress, ask older relatives if they would lend their dress, this adds to your wedding memories if you are wearing your mom's or yuor grandma's dress. Places like craigslist or thrift stores are good for finding great cheap wedding dresses. Also have a look at my cheap wedding gown ideas.

Keep the catering simple - a barbeque, or soup and bread or even pot luck.

Make your wedding as individual as you both are, add your personality to the day, you don't have to spend a fortune to do that and it will be perfect.

Good luck with your plans.


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