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How To Stack A Wedding Cake

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How to stack a wedding cake... well it can't be that difficult, just put one on top the other and away you go?!? That maybe what it looks like but there are a few tricks to ensure you haven't got a toppling wedding cake!

How to Stack a Wedding Cake Using Pillars

You need to think of the design of the wedding cake, if the cake is very traditional it is likely that you will be putting pillars between the layers. If you have bought your cake from a supermarket then this will be the simplest.

Step 1

Make a paper template of the middle layers, then measure and mark on the template even spacing for 4 pillars.

Step 2

Place the paper template of the cake above on top of the cake and put a small mark into the cake where the pillars will be.

Step 3

Take the pillars out of the packet and find the dowels (these are the sticks) push one dowel into the mark on the cake right to the cake board and put a pillar over the dowel so that the dowel is inside the pillar. Put a mark on the dowel where it shows over the top of the pillar.

Step 4

Remove dowel from the cake, use as a measure for all of the other dowels for that layer and then cut the dowels to the correct size.

Step 5

Push dowels into the 4 marked dents on the cake and then put the pillars on.

Now repeat for all of the middle layers, this will provide the cake with stability, when all cakes are completed you will be ready to place all of the layers together. For presentation you will probably want to raise the whole cake and don't forget to decorate!

Great decoration ideas here!

If you are looking for a more modern look then a stacked cake is for you, this is where all of the cakes are sitting on top of each other, but you guessed it is not as easy as that!

How To Stack A Wedding Cake Safely In A Stack

Photo by Rexness

Step 1

Make templates of the cakes in the middle and top with baking paper.

Step 2

Mark on the templates the center and 4 evenly spaced dowels.

Step 3

Place template of cake above on the underneath cake and make the marks on the cake where the dowels and center will be.

Step 4

Push dowel into the cake and make a mark where the top of the cake is. Pull dowel out and use as a measure for the other dowels in that layer, then cut all to size.

Step 5

Place all the dowels in the cake layers and then stack on top of each other. When they are all stacked place a dowel through the center of all cakes to hold it together.

Now all you have to do is decorate!

If all of the above seems a bit scary you can always hire a cake stand, they come in all sorts of styles and you can even get them for fairy cakes. Have a look at your local catering hire firm for the best deals or ask around local caterers.

Good luck with your stacking!

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