I am getting married in less than a week and I need help. My fiance' lost his job and now our budget has to be cut in half. I need help with planning a very nice but inexpensive reception

The wedding will start at 4:00 and it will be in a church with six attendants each. The colors are apple red, black and cream. I wanted to have all the frills (chaircovers, tablecloths, candles, flowers, etc.) but because of budget constraints I can't. We have invited over 100 guests and now I have to decide whether to postpone or just serve cake and punch.

If you postpone your wedding at this stage it would be unlikely that you would get your money back from your venue, you may get some but not all. Also you would have to pay for new invitations and all of the things that you have booked at the moment would have to be rebooked for a later date.

Overall it will be cheaper to keep your wedding date as it is and have a cake and punch recepion or have a pot luck party or a picnic. Remember why you are getting married and enjoy the day for those reasons. No one will mind there aren't all the extra frills.

Best wishes for your wedding day.


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