I am looking for an idea for a very inexpensive centerpice for a buffet table?I already have a large glass container that can be used.

by Candace

It's outdoors, rustic, and on our family's 100 yr. old farm. There will be mason jars hanging from the oak trees and lining the aisle hanging from shepherds' hooks. The colors are bright green and pink. We are using lime green hydrangeas and hot pink hydrangeas. The reception tables are being set up so that the guest can dine family style and will have mason jars down the center of the tables with candles in them. That's pretty much it. I just need an idea of something for the buffet table. As of now there will be nothing on it. Except the food. Thanks so much.

Hi Candace
Your wedding sounds like it is going to be so pretty and romantic, all the little touches that you have mentioned sound perfect.

For the daytime buffet use your large glass container or more mason jars on the buffet table, these you can fill with limes and herbs for the green or use the hydrangeas again.

A fruit that would fit perfectly into your color scheme is a watermelon - these you can carve quite easily, much easier than pumpkins and you could create a great inexpensive watermelon centerpiece and fruit centerpieces can also be eaten!

As well as adding decorations to the top of the table don't forget the front of the tables as well. For the front of the buffet table you could add garlands of ivy which is cheap and also meant to mean wedded bliss! Can't think of anything more appropriate than wedded bliss on your wedding day!

For an evening buffet you could add the mason jars along the buffet table with candles, which will add to the sparkle, or an even cheaper idea is to use tin cans for homemade centerpieces, just be very careful about adding candles to a buffet table as they could get knocked over if they are in the way.

The best idea is to keep it simple and it will look just as beautiful as your other decoration ideas.

Good luck with all of your planning!


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