I am trying to plan my own wedding everything basically and I just don't know where to start?

by Chelby

We plan on getting married April 2nd. We were just going to go down to the courthouse and get married due to us not having very much money to spend, but I would realy like to try to do a traditional non expensive wedding myself, at my great grandmas property. I just don't know where to start. Invitations? Party Favors? Reception Ideas? I just don't even know...I've never planned a "party" or "event" of any kind, I'm pretty lost here.

Please HELP. Thanks


Hi Chelby

First you need to coordinate your dates, what dates would the officiant or court house be free? Then ask your Great Grandma which of the dates would be best for her.

When you have a date you can then look at working out your guest list, how many people can your Great Grandma's house hold? And how many people can you afford to cater for?

When you have your guestlist you can send out your invitations.

At the same time you can look at how you are going to cater for your guests, have a look at cheap wedding reception menu ideas to save yourself some money.

Have a think about whether you want decorations, a wedding cake, wedding favors and any other wedding stuff! It is your wedding you don't have to have anything that you don't want, just make it your special day and have fun planning it.

Good luck with your plans.


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