I dont know where to start on planning my wedding?

by Kristen

About 100 guest that is all we have right now. we love the fall and want in the fall but we dont know were to start we are on a budget.


Hi Kristen

Congratulations on your engagement, you are starting a fun time planning your wedding and your future lives together.

The first thing you need to decide is the style of your wedding - formal or informal and then start planning around that.

You can print off my free wedding planners here! They list everything you could possibly want at a wedding but remember this is your wedding, you don't need it all.

If you have decided on a formal wedding then you will need to find a venue for your ceremony (plus officiant) and reception, get these booked up and you will have the date for your wedding.

Next you can decide on your wedding party - bridesmaids, groomsmen, bestman - again you don't have to have any if you don't want.

Now get your wedding invitations ready and then send them out at least 6 weeks before the wedding, this will give everyone time to reply.

During this time you will also need to order flowers, wedding dress, cake, favors, transport, photographer - again you don't have to have all of these things.

If you have family and friends that are crafty and can help you make things for your wedding then ask for their help - this will save you a fortune! Have a look round the site for lots of ways you can save money.

If you are going to have an informal wedding you will still need to have a venue - it could be your parent's backyard, you could have a hog roast and lots of great music. Or bowls of warming pumpkin soup and then you could have pumpkin lanterns to decorate.

With an informal wedding you don't need to have all of the attendants which will save you a fortune and everything is more relaxed. You will need to still send out the invites!

Good luck with all of your planning, if you need help with any specifics drop me a line.


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