I have a 1,000 dollar budget and i need everything for the wedding

by Victoria Hollis-Pittman
(Heflin,Alabama, United States)

My name is Victoria and i am the bride me and my fiance' are planning a wedding for 1,000 dollars. we want it to be all about our families and close friends.

We want to invite maybe 250 people. Our colors are Baby Blue and White. But i want to incoporate a little bit of Navy Blue.

I want at least four bridesmaids and four groomsman.

And I want a 3 tier cake and i want a grooms cake to be a red velvet cake with the University of Alabama Crimson Tide Logo on it b/c he is a huge football fan.

Victoria N. Hollis-Pittman

Hi Victoria

I don't often do this but I think you need to be more realistic with your numbers and your budget.

250 people with a budget under $1000 is very tight. It is only $4 per person, and that does not include your ceremony or your dress and all of the other wedding bits.

Saying that it is possible if you manage to get all of your family and friends to help you put your wedding together.

Find someone who will make the cakes as your wedding present.

Have a pot-luck reception where everyone brings their own food.

Cater the whole wedding yourself as an afternoon tea reception, where the wedding cakes are the food.

Look at having the reception at home or a family members house.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits and of course your own outfits will have to also come out of the budget. You may need to ask the bridesmaids if they have a navy blue dress that they can wear.

Planning a wedding this tight will be stressful as everything you find will have to be a bargain.

If it is just the reception for $1000 then think of it more as a big party with drinks and a few snacks and then it is possible.

Good luck!


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