I need a wedding theme!

by Shawna
(Cambridge Ontario Canada)

My fiance and I are totally opposite, he loves poker and I don't. I love doing arts and crafts he dosn't. he loves sports I hate sports, I love reality shows he hates them.
Our wedding is happening on July 16 2011 and we are having it outside his parents house. We are not fancy people.
My colours are champagne and white.


Hi Shawna

You don't have to have a theme, instead opt for a classic wedding reception that makes the most of your outdoor venue.

Look at the flowers that will fit with your colors, use your craft skills to create stunning centerpieces that will compliment the flowers. It could be vintage glass finds from thrift stores or glass vases from the local dollar store.

Use the things he loves to create the perfect groom's cake, this way you have incorporated his loves without them taking over the wedding theme.

Your love of arts and crafts will shine through at your wedding reception with all those little extra touches.

Enjoy planning your day and have fun making lots for your wedding - would love to see some pictures of what you create.

Good luck!


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