I need inexpensive table cloths.

by Jeannette

My wedding and reception are at the same site, about 25-50 people....the ceremony I am not having any issues with, it is the reception....I have rectangular tables, I was going to set up in a horseshoe....my color is periwinkle, with silver hearts incorporated in....my center pieces are tall square glasses that have a metal trim top you put on them and the tealight holder hangs down, I was going to put colored glass jewles in the bottom,(going to give these to the grandmothers, mothers,and female members of the wedding party after the reception) and sprikle spring colored flowers or rose petals around these, my wedding is on March 21st the first day of spring.....I was thinking maybe white tableclothes with an orgaza table runner down the middle. Or plastic periwinkle table cloths with a clear plastic table cloth on top that has two connecting hearts on it. If you need to know anything else please let me know. I like my first idea better, but not sure where to find cheap white tablecloths, or would it be cheaper to rent them? Also, this is very casual, no formal place settings and buffet style serving, no servers....every man for themselves.

Hi Jeanette
I think you would be best to go with the white table cloths and unless you can find an absolute bargain I would look at renting them - the beauty with this is that you don't have to clean them. You would have to pay a deposit on the cloths but you would get this back when you return them and make sure you rent a few more than you need - just incase. Alternatively if you know someone who works at a restaurant or hotel ask if you could borrow some cloths - this could work out cheaper.

To save some money you could do without the table runners as you have lots of other decorations with the vases and the flowers.

With the flowers mabe look at having dried flowers such as lavender which would work with the colors and also add a beautiful scent to the day.

Good luck with your plans


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Aug 07, 2012
Inexpensive Table Cloths
by: Anonymous

I am getting married in May 2013 and just rented the table cloths, covers and napkins from www.bbjlinens.com. They are really reasonable and have several selections.

Dec 29, 2011
cheap tablecloths
by: Anonymous

thrift stores,sheets,dollartree,party galaxy,partywedding.com,dollar general plastic for $1.......

Jul 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

I own a catering company and reception halls and we often buy linen from linentablecloth.com. Great quality and cheap! Plus free delivery for orders over $50.00 They also offer a coupon code on their facebook page for an extra 10% off every month.

Good Luck!

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