I need to find cheap decor for my venue i.e. linens, chair covers, I need to decide on a drink, and how to find people to help me with clean up, and such.

by Tessa
(Columbus Ohio)

Old Hollywood era (40's -50's era) I am having a vintage style light gold evening dress made with small rhinestones adorning the top of the dress.I wanted to get married in the evening around 6:00 p.m. I envisoned candlelight and some type of flower in cone pew holders.In our hometown (Steubenville, Ohio) there is a historic hotel The Ft. Steuben it has a ballroom that looks like the origanal form. It has round tables and is so gorgeous. I do not know how to decorate it cheaply, and make it classy like I want it to.Help me please!!!!P.S. my colors are red, black, and light gold my dress patteren is simplicity patteren # 3503 Tell me what you think of it in a light gold, with rhinestones down the V and it is the green dress. Do you think that is Old hollywood , would it fit in to my theme and with that type of dress what would the groom and the maid of honor & bridesmaids wear? If this is to long i am so sorry I am stressed in Columbus Ohio Thank you!!!!

Hi Tessa

To keep with your 40's/ 50's theme for your wedding it would be best to have your decor compliment.

Ask the hotel if they have candelabras that they use for functions, some older hotels will have a store room full of great items like this. You are looking for a traditional silver candelabra that will hold the tall candles. Have your candles match the color of your dress.

If these are not available then for cost purposes you would be best to go with the hollywood glamour, cheap mirror tiles on the table with glasses placed on top with tea lights. You could have the metallic confetti on top of the table or silk petals scattered on top.

For flowers I think roses or lillies both are beautiful and were very popular during this time.

For linen I would stick with the classic white, ask the venue what they provide.

Personally I think if you can avoid chair covers I would, they are a big extra cost and although they make the room even more glamorous when no one is there, most of the time someone will be sat on them and will cover them anyway!

For drinks stick with traditional, sparkling wine, champagne, wine or bucks fizz and you will be drinking just what was druk in Hollywood during this time!

I had a look at your dress and I think it looks beautiful, your bridesmaids would look good in evening dress which will match with your theme. I would see if your groom would like to wear a tuxedo and even better if he would wear the jacket with the tails, a light gold or white waistcoat with white shirt and even a white bow tie would look great.

To keep your wedding looking classy I would stick with two colors, gold and black or gold and red.

Good luck with your wedding plans!

Suz x

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