I plan for a wedding under $2000 for about 150 people and a full wedding party in the western WA area any ideas?

by Kristina
(Yelm, WA)

I am choosing an outdoor theme with colors of forest/emerald green chocolate brown and deep burgandy .

Hi Kristina

$2000 for a wedding with 150 people is going to need a lot of very careful planning. To have a full wedding, which by my understanding is the ceremony, a reception and entertainment, with photographer and wedding cake and invitations, normally would cost a lot more. It is possible but you will need to do most of it yourselves.

Start by asking family and friends what they could help with, bake the cake, photographs, catering for the reception, flowers, basically everything.

You will also need to find a reasonably priced venue as this will be your biggest expense, there are lots of cheap wedding reception ideas on where to find unusual venues that won't cost the earth.

Keep an eye on your budget as you go along to make sure you don't over spend.

Good luck with all of your plans, would love to hear how you get on.

Best wishes


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