I want a princess wedding, but my fiance wants to use the colors sour apple and black. won't that look tacky?

by Angie Parker
(Marshfield, Mo)

We are getting married next summer and want an outside wedding and I have always wanted an outside wedding. My groom to be wants to help and is really set on using sour apple and black for the colors. I am open to that if we can use the colors in my theme. we are planning a wedding with about 75 people.

Hi Angie

Wedding planning is always full of dilemmas! Black is a great classy color, but too much and you could end up with a funeral effect. Black works best in small doses. Sour green is a striking color but you may find it difficult to match so be prepared to be flexible with the shade to keep your costs down, as you may end up down the bespoke expensive route.

Starting with your dress there are some stunning white dresses with black embroidery on the bodice and a white dress with a black sash looks classy. Your bridesmaids could wear black or green dresses, my preference would be to have black dresses and then tie in the green with your flowers. A black dress with a green sash would look classy, a green dress with a black sash could look as if they were in mourning. If you were looking to have flower girls you may want to have them in gren dresses.

Your invitations would look great in black and white with a splash of green, keep the design simple and the color combination will work.

Your flowers would look great either as simple and classy white roses or lilies with green foliage or the more stunning died black roses!

Look for examples in wedding magazines and stick them all together to play around with the overall effect. The results will be a stunning and classy wedding, fit for a princess.

Enjoy the wedding planning and drop by if I can help any more.

Suz x

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