I want a simple catholic church wedding

by crystal rodriguez
(kinston,nc.united state)

I really want something different than other people,
but I want to be kind of cheap. Really would like balloons,candles and what ever else I
can come up with could you give some ideas?

Hi Crystal

Congratulations on your engagement! Now the fun begins!

The tricky part when you first start to plan your wedding is deciding on the theme and also your budget.

Choosing something different for your wedding is easier if you think about the things that you both like and that are very personal to you. Do you have a hobby or passion that would fit with your wedding theme? It could be a sports team that you support, or your love of everything to do with Disney Princess. Whatever you are into you could use as your theme for your wedding, and the beauty of using your love as your theme is that you probably have lots of bits that you could use for your centerpieces and decorations.

You also need to set your budget, because even if you decide to just have balloons and candles at your wedding they can also increase your costs.

You said you were having a simple Catholic church wedding have you enquired if there is a church hall that you can use for your wedding reception? It would be a lot cheaper than being at a hotel or banquet venue.

Good luck with all of your wedding plans.


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