I want to plan a small intimate family wedding 50 people or less, how can i do that with style?

by jenny curtis
(salt lake city utah)

2nd marriage, not excited about having a large affair would like to do an outdoor wedding with either a buffet or small sit down dinner

Hi Jenny

When you want to plan a stylish wedding think about your own style - are you an old fashion romantic or someone that has a funky alternative style?

Plan your wedding around your own style and you will have much more fun!

Choose the space for your wedding wisely as 50 people can get lost in a big open space and put a big focus on the little touches that will make your wedding unique and stylish. You can make areas smaller by hiring trees and large plants for the day, this will help break up the space. A cheap and fun way to reduce the space is to hang large pieces of cloth to be used as a backdrop for studio style photographs of you and your guests.

For an outdoor wedding, lanterns add a touch of romance as you move into the evening and candles are an inexpensive decoration. If you can find a location that is naturally beautiful you will save a fortune on decorations!

You could have an old fashioned picnic or a classy barbeque, more menu ideas here!

Having a band play whatever the style adds an element of class and makes it much more of a celebration. They don't have to be big - check out local gigs for a talented local band - this will save you lots of money on booking fees if you go direct!

Have fun planning your wedding and let me know if you want more specific help.

Suz x

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