Ideas for unique sized aisle runner.

Outdoor wedding - lakeside. Wedding is taking place on dock out over the water. Walkway down to the lake and the dock is 32 inches wide. Any idea on what to use for an aisle runner? We thought we'd just order one but all we can find is 36 inch


An aisle runner is an additional cost to your wedding and not a necessity, so if your wedding budget it tight don't have an aisle runner. Instead, you could decorate the edges of the walkway and dock with flowers or candles in hurricane lamps if your ceremony is in the evening. It sounds as if your venue is beautiful so I wouldn't worry too much about adding extra decorations.

Also an aisle runner is a trip hazard and having one so close to the water could be a potential hazard!

If you really want an aisle runner that fits perfectly you could make your own and use a canvas material (calico) as flimsy material will be hard to secure, plus canvas you don't have to hem. Buy enough material for the length you need without having to sew pieces together and then you will need to cut the width. With canvas you can also decorate with waterproof paints.

Hope you find what you are looking for.

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