I'm looking for an inexpensive way to decorate the tables for my reception.

by Melissa

I'm planning a wedding for about 150 people. My colors are apple green, chocolate, and aquamarine. I would like candlelight and flowers....or maybe vases with floating candles with silk flower petals around the base. Please help. I don't want to spend over 800 for decorations....or less.

Hi Melissa

You have a very striking color combination for your wedding reception which is great as it means you won't need much in the way of decorations to make an impact.

Looking at your budget of $800 for decorations and teh number of guests you have I would guess that you are having approximately 15 tables with 10 guests on each. That works out at round about $50 per table for decorations. That is loads if you do the decorations yourself and about right if you have a florist making them for you! I would go with making them yourself to save money.

Start with the chocolate color and I would choose with chocolate linens for the tables. Your venue/ caterer will be able to hire that color for you at very little extra cost to themselves. Try and get the price of the linen hire into the overall cost of hiring the venue or from the caterer.

Clear glass vases or bowls as the starting point of your centerpiece will be good. Then you could fill the base with aquamarine glass beads and have floating candles in your colors at the top. Using 3 cylinder vases in the center of the table gives more interest to your centerpiece.

Or you could look at incorporating more natural elements into your centerpiece with apples and green flowers! Use a glass bowl or larger vase, maybe even one that has a pedestal. Fill the bowl with green apples and water for your flowers. Use green flowers such as hydrangeas as they are nice and big and fill the vase up quickly. You could also have ivy cascading down the sides.

Or you could have a contemporary design off green apples dotted along the table and glass votives between them. Cheap and stunning!

Good luck with your designs.


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