Is it better to have the wedding at a hall or a hotel banquet room?

We live in abbotsford bc so there is not much here, I don't want to spend more than 7500 in total as we are in our late 40's.

I don't expect that there will be more than 50 guests. We are a couple in our 40's he has never been married and I am a widow.

Can you tell me, for a wedding dress for my age should it be something simple not your traditional wedding dress and is it proper to charge 2 dollars a drink or should they be free?


Where you have your wedding is dependant on whether you want to do a lot of the wedding organizing yourself or if you want someone else to.

The hall would be best to keep the costs down but you will be arranging everything yourself - a caterer, decorations, entertainment etc.

The hotel will do everything for you, but will be more expensive.

Have a look at the costs of both, compare apples with apples IE include everything you will get for your wedding package at the hotel; chairs, table linens, crockery, flowers and then look at how much this will cost if you did this yourself.

Also have a look at alternative venues, cafes, restaurants, museums, schools and clubs - there could be one that is perfect for your wedding.

Your wedding dress should be something that you feel amazing in and whether that is a suit or a big wedding dress only you will know. Try on everything that you fancy within your budget and then decide.

It would be nice to provide your guests with a welcome drink and drinks with their meal, any extras that they want they can buy themselves.

If you find your budget doesn't quite stretch to a full sit down meal then have a look at alternatives. Tea and cake, afternoon tea, cocktails and canapes, barbeques, and even picnic are becoming more popular.

Have fun planning your wedding day and your new lives together, whatever you choose will be perfect if you love it too.

Good luck


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