Is it cheaper to get married in a church?

My fiance and I are planning on getting married next year but we do not have alot of money although we are hoping to have enough time to save. We were thinking of getting married on a off season as well as a friday or sunday. Although we do not know if it will be cheaper to get married in a church and then go to a venue to have the reception or if we should have everything in one place?


The only way to find out which type of wedding will be cheaper is to make enquiries at both.

Compare the cost of the church, the transport, additional flowers and any extra costs of the photographer, plus the cost of the reception at a seperate venue with the cost of having your ceremony at the venue, the cost of the officiant, decorations, and the reception.

Phone up and ask for costs for all of the above and then you will be able to find the cheapest option.

Reception venues are normally cheaper in January, February (avoiding Valentines) and midweek days will cut the costs again. Some venues will also offer huge discounts if you book last minute - not an option that I would recommend if you can help it!

Good luck with your plans


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Feb 25, 2009
Church vs. Venue
by: Anonymous

My first inclination is that a church would be more (don't forget about organists and such who sometimes get paid) but the upside to a church is that they may have a basement space that could be used for a reception if you're willing to go that route. Although a lot of venues can host a ceremony they may have ceremony rental fees if they have a gazebo or ceremony spot. A venue may be able to accomodate a ceremony in the reception room but some people aren't big on that as guests are already seated at their table and there is no 'traditional' aisle. Every place is different you will definitely have to research.

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