Is it cheaper to get married in a church?

by Melissa

I have have no idea what my wedding plans are. I'm getting married in Fall 2011...I want to get married somewhere cheap and

Hi Melissa

The honest answer is that it all depends! And I know how annoying that will sound but there are lots of factors that will come into play.

Quite often if you have a family church or a strong relationship to a particular church then the church hire fee is often waived or left to the bride and groom for a small donation. So if you attend a church regularly and are already involved have a chat with the church and see what they would be able to offer.

The cost of a church for a wedding will also have extras, you could pay extra for the bells, for a choir and for flowers. Some churches include these in their wedding packages and these will vary depending on where you are. Weddings are a good way for churches to raise funds.

The alternative is a legal ceremony that will take place in a number of locations and again the price will depend on the venue. 5 star venues will charge 5 star prices.

The only way that you will know if you can get a beautiful and cheap wedding is by starting to collect all of the prices from your local area. Also ask friends and family if they have any contacts - it is always who you know!

Good luck getting started!


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