Is it possible to have a elegant catered wedding in either the NY NJ Conneticut Boston area with a total budget of $6000?

by Rachel
(New York)

I don't know if you can help and if you cant, I understand. I have the longest sob story but it is sincere. We were to get married May 2011, but due to many unfortunate wrong doings, it seems it wont happen. Long story short...I have the greatest man I've ever known who has come into our lives, become an exceptional father to my daughter and supported me through nursing school, that I was terminated from two days before graduation without justification. His dream was to have a big wedding that we now cannot afford. I want to have a beautiful wedding with my family but my budget seems to be the reason we may have to cancel and elope. Please help me if you can. Thank you.

Hi Rachel

Anything is possible if you really want it, which by the sounds of it you do. $6000 is still a lot of money but you will need to be realistic on what that can afford.

Your biggest expense will be your venue, so you need to find a cheap venue - check out parks, social clubs and friends' and familys' backyards.

If having a big wedding is your big thing that you want for your wedding then you will need to do a lot of the wedding bits yourselves, including the catering.

Get all the help you can from all of your friends and family. Have a bbq or a potluck dinner and have fun workiing out how you can have the wedding you want within your price.

Good luck!

Suz x

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