Is there any way I can plan an elegant wedding ceremony for less than 500 dollars?

by Karen Larson
(Sacramento, CA USA)

So far, I have my dress, my veil (needs a little bit of a makeover-luckily I can sew), my gloves, my lingerie, some instructions for making my own bouquet w/silk flowers, and the wedding is "set" for July 3.

Hi Karen

If you are wanting an elegant wedding ceremony for less than $500 then you are best to look for either a beautiful outdoor location that fits your budget as you won't need to spend anything on decorations or find a beautiful chapel that also fits your budget.

It is completely possible to have an elegant ceremony without spending a fortune, try and minimise on having to decorate and find a venue that is naturally beautiful. State and National Parks, Beaches and friends backyards are all possible cheap venues.

Ask friends and family if they know of a venue or if they have connections to possibly gain you a discount.

If you do end up having to decorate the venue then make sure you can reuse your decorations at your reception. Pew bows if you have them can be used to decorate your top table. Flower arrangements can be used to decorate your reception venue.

Avoid spending money on programs and aisle runners they will add to your costs and they are not needed to have a beautiful ceremony.

Congratulations on your engagement and good luck with the rest of your plans.


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