June 8, 2013 wedding..

by Sharon
(Las Vegas, NM, USA)

My daughter is planning a wedding for June 8, 2013 - she wants a camo wedding, however, I would like for her to incorporate another "theme" along with that,so as not to make it tacky... Can this be done, if so what theme would you suggest?? What colors would you suggest? This will be an outdoor wedding, with reception at inexpensive ballroom. Wedding will be in New Mexico.

Hi Sharon

A camo wedding doesn't have to be tacky as you can add more subtle elements of camo into your design, especially as you are having an outdoor wedding.

The wedding dress can be trimmed with camo rather than a full camo wedding dress. Or you could have a traditional dress with great camo shoes!

The groom could be wearing a camo tie or vest with a more traditional wedding suit.

Colors that look great with camo are white, ivory, greens and my favorite orange! Not bright orange but calla lilly burnt oranges look great.

Rather than adding another theme to the wedding look at combining the colors. Having more than one theme just become confusing but your invitations for example could be cream with green leaves or a sage green invitation with an orange ribbon.

Use the same color combination on your wedding cake and also on the decorations and you will end up with a much more subtle camo wedding.

Good luck!


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