Looking for a cheap and beautiful wedding in lavender and white

Lavender And White Wedding Decorations by Kentfield

Lavender And White Wedding Decorations by Kentfield

I am getting married july 23, 2010, at a small church that we attend.

The colors chosen are white and lavendar. I am in need of help finding cheap and beauiful decorations.

I want to turn something small into something big and beautiful on a small budget. I just know the colors and place and stumped with the type of decorations.


Lavender in pots is a simple and beautiful decoration. For your tables paint the plant pots white and then have lavender plants in each one. You could have 3 small pots or 1 large pot. Add a lavender colored bow around the pot if you want more decoration. If your reception is to go on into the evening then have glass votives around the plants. A sprig of lavender tucked in each napkin will also look beautiful. Add extra lavender touces with favors tied in purple tulle, you can either have these at each place setting or have them grouped together in the middle of the table.

Decorations for the church would be bunches of lavender tied with white ribbon, hang these on the ends of the pews. Or use purple tulle and tie bows to the ends of the pews.

The great thing about using lavender, as well as it being beautiful, is that it won't wilt and you can also use dried lavender. This way you can make your decorations weeks before.

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