Looking For Cheap Paper Plates For Wedding Buffet

by Shawna
(Cambridge ON)

My fiance and I are having a old Hollywood black and white wedding, with feathers etc... Since we are paying for the wedding ourselves we have chosen to have a buffet dinner for our family. Some of our wedding party and family members are contributing food for the buffet but we would like to serve the food on paper plates so its less cost and less clean up.
We live in the Kitchener/Cambridge are and I have been searching for cheap plates and can't find any in Canada only in the USA.

Please help me I really need it.


Hi Shawna

Have a look at catering hire companies as you may find that the cost of hiring plates will be less than you think. Plus if you hire them you don't normally have to wash them up - just send them back dirty and they will do the rest.

I am guessing that you can find cheap flimsy paper plates - as you can get those at most supermarkets if you can't find them anywhere else.

Do you want them more substantial?

If you are looking for paper plates with a bit more style then your best bet is to buy them online as this way you can find plates that will match your colour scheme. Try and avoid paper plates that are specific for weddings as they will cost more.

There are lots of websites that will deliver to you in Canada if you can't find one near to you.

If anyone knows of a good paper plate supplier in Canada please add it to the comments.

Good luck with all of your wedding plans.

Suz x

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