My budget is 3,000$ can i plan a wedding in a year along with being in that budget?

by tami rivera

We're getting married on July 28 2013. we want puple and pink. I need a dress, 2 bridesmaids dress and 4 tuxes. food, etc.

Hi Tami

The short answer is yes you can plan a wedding in a year or less with that budget.

Most of your budget will go on the reception.

You will need to work out how many people you would like to invite to your wedding and then find a venue that will hold the numbers and is within your budget. The more people you invite the more it will cost!

You can either go with lots of people and less spent on the food or fewer people and have a more expensive reception.

When you have an idea for your venue and the numbers, write down everything else you want to spend your money on for your wedding. That way you will know how much you can spend on everything and where you can save money.

Then you can start booking everything when you know it fits in with your budget.

Don't think that $3000 is not a lot of money for your wedding because it is. $3000 is a lot of money for anything! Think of it as a $3000 party and you will see that there are lots you can do with your budget.

Have fun with all of your plans.


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