Need to plan a wedding under $2,000

by Natia
(San Diego)

I have a budget for $2,000.. I'm not where to have one and what goes on at a wedding.. I always wanted a beach wedding.. But I had to move my wedding date to feb. 11, 2012.. I live in San Diego which the weather is mostly great all year long... S0 I need to know how to keep people warm, be out side by the beach and serve my guests with food and drinks under 2,000.. Can this be done?

Hi Natia
Yes, you can have a gorgeous beach wedding for under $2000.

The first thing you need to do is find the beach and the venue to keep your guests warm as the venue will be your biggest cost. The beach should in theory be free but you will need to pay for your officiant.

Your venue will need to be maximum a few hundred dollars, so you may need to look at cafes and restaurants that you can hire for the afternoon. Ideally a reception hall or big beach hut would be perfect!

Your officiant will cost on average a couple of hundred.

Be aware that the date you have chosen is very close to Valentines day so there will be a premium on traditional flowers and also restaurants!

Depending on numbers you will need to do most of the catering yourselves if you are planning o having lots of guests but if it is only a select few close friends and family then your budget may allow for a meal in a local restaurant. You would also save on the cost of the hire of a venue!

Keep your costs down by making your invitations yourself or have a look at some of the cheaper printing companies.

Obviously don't forget the dress! Make sure you have left money in your budget for your dress.

Good luck with all of your wedding plans.

Suz x

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Jan 23, 2014
New Ideas
by: Anonymous

I would love to help you out. I did my Wedding In San Diego and did stay under budget. I have now started adding Wedding Planning in my company. I also offer Candy Buffets, and Chocolate Fountains. Please feel free to check out the web site and contact me any time. Delightfully Natia's Treats.

Jan 20, 2014
My budget for a wedding is 2,000
by: Tina

I,ve been married before but only by a judge. I,m divorced have been for 15 years. I met the man of my life. We,ve been together now for 12 years. He purposed to me a year ago. We only have 2,000 for our budget. One thing is his family is a different religion then mine. We don,t go to church so I don,t know how to find a church or a minister. We want to get married in our back yard because we can,t afford a church cost. I,ve never done this before and I,m lost on what to do:) I found out that a dj cost about 400.00 for about 2hrs . Can anybody help me?

Sep 28, 2011
Best beach officiant
by: Anonymous

When you choose an officiant make sure you choose a REAL officiant. Many officiants are ordained on line and are not real officiant. In one case a girl friend of mine got an officiant ordained by the Internet. Go to a real non denominational church. The best I found for beach weddings is www. or pastor Tomas at They are non profit and all proceeds go to children of grapepickers.

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