Order of procession when the grandmother is the bride

by sheryl

I read where in the order of procession, grandparents are first. But what if the grandmother is the bride?

My father is still alive, and I have middle aged children and 7 grandchildren. No attendants.

We are both retirement age.

There seems to be very little etiquette advice on the net for people our age who are getting married. We will be having a small (30 guests) wedding in may of 2012.

Hi Sheryl

You are right there is very little advice as to the 'correct' order in these circumstances, and that is in a way a big sigh of relief.

There is no right or wrong way to do things!

If your father wants to give you away then that is great, or maybe one or all of your children want to walk you down the aisle?

Whatever you choose to do won't be considered 'wrong' as in this case there is no 'right'!

You could even have you and your future husband walk down together or you could walk by yourself.

Go with what you want to do!

Best wishes


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