Planning a Muslim Wedding For 200 People

by safia ally
(Pretoria,Gauteng,South Africa )

i havnt start anything as yet
1 - i would like to know how much can i spend on a wedding if i have to invite 200 guest
2 - i would like to have smart things but not too costly
3 - i am a Muslim so i would have to cater for halal people right through, we also have event for the wedding day


Hi Safia
Congratulations on your forth coming wedding, you are at an exciting time!

Without generalising too much Muslim weddings are normally big celebrations, lots of people so you have done well if you can keep your guest list to about 200.

A simple evening reception for 200 people will cost on average 150,000R but you may find that the cost of a specialist caterer for your Halal food may cost you more.

You need to start looking for venues that can cater for Halal or that are happy for a caterer to do the food, plus you need to find a venue that can hold the 200 guests. This will be your biggest cost, it is normally about half of your wedding budget.

For the rest of your wedding budget you may end up doing a lot yourself, this way you will still be able to have all of the things that you want, without the price tag! Look at making your own wedding invitations and decorations.

Shop around for all of your other wedding items and ask friends for help with planning and making for your wedding as your wedding gift.

Good luck with your plans


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