Please can you help me plan my cheap wedding?

Me and my partner want to get married in May next year, we dont have alot of cash. We want to get married in the registry office, with approximately 80 guests and a nice, cheap reception.


Your best bet will be to find a community hall, local pub or club that is near the registery office that can accomodate your 80 guests. When you have the dates they have available go to the registery office and secure the date with them.

Now you have your date for the wedding you can think about invitations which you could do yourself.

If you have hired a community hall you may be able to bring in your own food which will save you a fortune, most do have kitchens that you can use to finish off the preperations.

Make sure you call in lots of friends to ask for their help in preparing stuff and also lending things for your wedding.

If you have any budget left over then put that towards your entertainment and decorations.

If you need more specific help, let me know where you are and the area that you need help.

Good luck with your plans


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