Punk/Gothic Type Wedding Ideas!!

by Marie Lennon

Hi, we are hoping to get married in may 2010. My fiance is a punk and wants to wear tartan bondage pants(skin tight skinny jeans!)and his mowhawk. I have no issues with this but I like more gothic/medieval type ideas. we were wondering how to blend both our types with a traditional reception/registry office wedding.(grandparents like traditional!). we also have a budget of next to nothing(£2000 absolute max)-credit crunch and all! i dont want to ask anyone for financial help as everyone is in the same position. would love some ideas so our wedding doesn't look cheap and tacky. there would be a maximum of 50 guests but there are going to be alot of young children as well(6 minimum). Please Help!!

Hi Marie
Your wedding sounds like it is going to be fun!

Where to start? Sounds like the groom has his wedding outfit sorted and if you are looking for medieval/gothic then a great place to start is Ebay, here are some great finds and very reasonably priced. You could even incorporate the tartan from your groom's trousers on a sash for your own dress.

As well as a registery office wedding also have a look at civil wedding ceremonies at local hotels, the registery office will have a full list of all the licensed premises in your area. This way you may find a venue that is perfect for your medieval theme. Traditional pubs would fit the theme.

Whenever I think of medieval wedding receptions I think of them outside in the early evening, with a big bonfire in the middle and a spit roast. You could have bowls of warming soup to be served alongside the roast meat.

Or to keep costs down have an afternoon ceremony, followed by an afternoon tea reception - keeps the grandparents happy and is such a contrast to your gothic/punk/medieval style that it fits. Of course you can have afternoon tea with a twist - funky cakes, chocolate tarts, fruit dipped in chocolate. Plus cakes are always a big hit when there are children involved!

Don't worry too much about the children, most children are at their happiest when they can explore and play with others. Find a venue that gives them that secure space and you probably won't see much of them!

Enjoy your planning and drop me a line if you need more help.


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