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by H
(Tacoma, USA)

My fiance and I have not had any fun planning this wedding because of the costs that keep racking up!! Any help that you can give on favors and wedding decor plus centerpieces would be appreciated.

We are having the wedding in Aug. And the colors that we picked are lavendar, champagne, and a dash of apple. We are having the reception at the landmark convention center in Tacoma Wa.

The room we reserved is the rooftop garden, but don't let the name fool you even though the views are georgous(the city skyline, the water way and Mt Rainer) the deck outside is completely bare! I love the architechture of the place though a very 1920's feel which we both enjoy... I guess we just want to get away from the typical look (mirrors, tea lights) of a recption and yet still be warm inviting and most of all fun!

Any help you can give will be appreciated!


Hi H

I had a look at the website of the Landmark Convention Center and I can see what you mean about the rooftop garden, great views - you are going to have a lovely reception there.

My thoughts are to go with the outdoor theme - don't try and decorate it as if it was a typical indoor room, I thought lanterns would be a great way to decorate the area, you could have Chinese style paper lanterns in your color scheme or a more traditional garden lantern. You can find these white stylish lanterns, almost Moorish in design at Ebay - have a look on my centerpiece pages to get an idea.

For a twist on the Champagne theme, have a hunt for the old fashioned but very 1920s champagne glasses - they are the round ones. You should be able to pick them up at thrift stores and I know you said no to tealights but all together in the middle of a tables in these glasses they would look pretty.
Or you could stack the champagne glasses and pour champagne from the top for a fountain - bit tricky if you have to set that up yourselves!

Lots of pots of lavendar are a great decoration and you could buy smaller ones now, with lots of tender loving care would be bigger by August.

Keep your designs simple as the view is why you are there and it doesn't need that much, think that once the area is filled with the furniture and people it won't need as much as you think.

Good luck with your plans!
Suz x

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