Wedding Donations Needed In Youngstown Ohio

by Karen
(New Jersey)

The best picture I have of her and her groom though old .

The best picture I have of her and her groom though old .

My Dear Friend has had alot of tragedy for the past 10 or so years ranging from cancer to a serious auto accident, herniated disc surgery, 6 deaths in her family 1 death in finance's family, having to move far from her children last year so she could afford to live. This Woman is an amazing person she is loving, generous and always grateful. She never asks anything of her friends and loved ones except for prayer. She lives on disabillity and her finace' owns a seasonal Business that is not going well as he is new to the state and people either don't know of him, can't afford Masonry due to the economy(can't afford to pay for advertizing ,NO work no money) These two have had it so hard it is heart breaking and they desearve to have a wedding they will remember yet haven't the money to pay for it.
She is planning a very simple wedding at the st. Joesphs meeting hall in Boardman(very cost effective) and the Ministeraka efficiant is very low cost, she is paying off a very elegant yet low cost($535) gown yet, had mentioned she will probably just have everyone go to a local restrauntand have a simple sit down dinner. She desearves so much more! Please help me find people willing to donate a place food decor for a wedding reception for her she only plans on inviting 8 people other than her groom and herself so it is a small reception. She would be happy with the simplest of things.


Hi Karen

Hope by having your friend's story here you may start to get some offers of help.

Best wishes in helping your friend have the wedding of her dreams.


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