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Wedding floating candles come in all sorts of shapes and a few different sizes. And as with everything that is to do with weddings - avoid buying floating candles that are named for weddings as they will cost more.

Top Tips For Floating Candles At Your Wedding

  1. The size of the floating candle that you choose will depend on the size of the vase or bowl that you are using for your centerpieces. If it is too large you will end up with the candle being wedged in the top of the vase rather than floating! If it is too small then the candle will float to the side of the vase. However if you have decided to use a bowl for your centerpiece the size won't matter as much.
  2. A 2" round floating candle will burn for 6-8 hours, which does sound like a long time. But if you are having a day and then an evening reception and are intending to have your centerpieces for both you will need to replace the floating candles before the evening reception. Unless you don't mind someone going round replacing them during the evening. Look at buying double the number of floating candles if you need them to be on for longer.
  3. You can also buy floating LED candles which will last longer and they would be cheaper than buying two lots of floating candles. Plus your venue may not be happy with candles burning throughout the day.
  4. Also worth noting that the shaped candles - roses or butterflies don't seem to last as long as the normal round ones as they let in water quicker. Once that has happened they will go out and you can't re-light them until they have dried out which is very annoying!

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