Wedding Planing In Boston .. I am clueless !! HELP !

by Marianne

I am new to Boston, ALL my family are in a different country.
I have been dreaming about a perfect wedding since I was 13, now I am almost 32 and everything is way different than my dream.

I am getting married away from my long life friends and family and country.
I want to plan something simple, on a budget and doesnt give the impression that it is an empty reception ... we are planning for 15 guests max of new friends and co-workers !

I have no clue about the venue, entertainment, program .. NOTHING !

thank you

Hi Marianne

Just because this is not going to be the wedding you dreamed of as a girl it can still be a beautiful day. Maybe in a few years you could think about renewing your wedding vows in your own country too!

With 15 guests you will be better off having a reception in a restaurant or a private dining area rather than thinking of hiring somewhere. You could also have a more relaxed party and have a bbq or a picnic at a local state park.

If you want to have entertainment in the evening I would look at maybe going to a bar or a club that you could have your own private area. That way there are still lots of people there but you can still talk and enjoy the company of your friends.

I think you will end up having a great time!

Best wishes


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