What are some creative and cheap ideas that can be used for the wedding?

by Bruce

The wedding is going to be more traditional. I am trying to give my fiancee the wedding of her dreams but with our jobs both being part time and not making much its hard. Neither of our parents can afford to help with money during this time. Were cutting costs anywhere we can think of. Were going to use my moms church. Not our first choice but they let us rent it free since my mom is a member. A friend of the family claims they can cater it for 6-10 dollars a person. We have other family members helping with video taping and making the wedding cake. While the wedding is going to be more traditional I don't want it to be dull or boring so I am trying to come up with some creative ideas for it without my Fiancee knowing so I can surprise her.

Hi Bruce

I am guessing that you are asking for creative ideas for your wedding ceremony.

A great way to add your touch of individuality is in the choosing of the music and the readings, although your wedding is going to be in a church it doesn't mean that the music and the words have to be traditional. It would be worth having a chat with the priest to make sure the church is happy with your choices.

Think of inspirational readings and music that means something to you both.

Another way to make your wedding unique to you is in the decorations, a good way to save money is to tie in your decorations with those already there. See if your Mom can use her influence on the choice of colors for the flowers.

You could also make very individual Order of Service, you could have the story of how you both met and the love that you have for one another at the start, almost an introduction to your wedding.

For your wedding reception it is great that you have the food catered for as that can be a big expense. Think about the things that your Fiancee has always wanted at her wedding and see if you can work a way of adding those in to. You could possible save money on the catering if you had a Champagne and Cake, or an afternoon tea reception, that would then free up some money for some extra surprises.

Don't worry about the fact that you are not able to have a big lavish wedding, few of us can! This is about the two of you getting married and being together and by the sounds of it, that will be perfect!

Have a wonderful day.


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