What are some good outdoor venues about 3 hours away from Toronto?

by Dipika
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

We have about 150 people on our guest list and have a budget of 15,000. this has to include everything. We are planning to have an indian ceremony around noon, then a vegetarian lunch and then a reception with an open bar. We want it about 3 hours away from Toronto so a few guests won't be able to make it so we can save on costs (i know it sounds bad). If you have any ideas pleaseeeeeeeeee let me know!


Hi Dipika
I am not based near Toronto so I don't have any specific information from your area.

My suggestion would be to get a big map and circle the area that is 3 hours from Toronto. Have a look at the places on the circle to narrow down your choice of places.

I also searched on Google for "3 hours from Toronto" and a lot of venues and places came up, not knowing them I wouldn't want to recommend. However this is an open question and answer area so if anyone has any venue ideas please add them to the comments and help out!

Good luck with your hunt!!

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